Still here

Just a quick update since I haven’t posted anything in nearly a week. I’m still here but busy contending with medical billing (now that in itself would be a topic for a blog). The next topic in mind is about what money could be, since money based on debt is unsustainable. Give a minute to think of the possibilities: a gold standard? Government issued notes, distributed outside of the banking system, and not created by debt (a little bit like Monopoly money)? Something else entirely?

Give that some consideration, and I’ll make my suggestion soon.

At some point, we’ll also discuss what can be done about reforming the banking system. And finally, I’m always looking for links to interesting news, videos, and movies. Speaking of news I hardly have to link to any news about the debt ceiling crisis since anyone not living in a cave has heard all about it by now. You have to wonder who benefits most from a default and downgrade of American public credit.

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