Welcome to the American Socialist blog!

Hello all, I’ve started this blog to share my thoughts about the economy, politics, and history in the United States while considering a socialist perspective.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that “socialism” in America is known mainly as a vague epithet, used haphazardly to vilify any policies, people, and ideas that conflict with the increasingly right wing (Tea Party) direction of rhetoric today. Democrats are shouted down as “socialist” frequently, despite the fact that many of their policies are scarcely socialist at all. I hope this blog will help readers realize what socialism is, what it isn’t, and that it is a logical and reasonable viewpoint from which to examine issues.

In this blog I plan to write opinion pieces covering various topics of interest, share links to informative content on YouTube and elsewhere, review movies and books, and write whatever else occurs to me or that readers suggest. I’ll confess this is a first blog so I’m not yet fully aware how reader interaction will work, but I’m sure Blogger has figured that out well already, it’s just a matter of getting into it and seeing what it will do.

About American Socialist

History major turned engineer
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3 Responses to Welcome to the American Socialist blog!

  1. sndluv says:

    I agree wholehartedly that socialism (democratic socialism) is what we need……whereby the govt shares the wealth with the citizenry thereby giving its citizens a better and more secure lifestyle. Norway and several other scandinavian countries practice this type of govt.
    Which gives citizens healthcare for all, great education and retirement for seniors. This is what we need and should have.

    Capitalism breeds hate, greed and corruption, now evident in the United States. Many people have suffered, are suffering and will suffer under this type of govt. Capitalism has allowed our politicians to be bought off by their greed and ego and has allowed our supreme court justices to have too much power in deciding the laws of the land not for the good of the populace but for the good of the powerful and greedy.

    Capitalism allows a few to be able to amass large amts of wealth whereas in a democratic socialist society wealth is distributed more evenly and where needed the most. Not into bank accounts of just a few.

  2. Thanks for bringing up democratic socialism. I had mulled over making a point of it as the kind of socialism I favor and what I think would be compatible with American political ideals, seeing as obviously authoritarian socialist systems are oppressive in their own way, not desired, and greatly responsible for the bad rap socialism suffers in American thinking.

  3. I agree that the word ‘socialism’ has been vilified by the right – they try to make the case that no form of socialism could result in any benefit from society, forgetting what is probably the most quotidian and ubiquitous example: the Post Office! No private enterprise would enable a person to send a letter from one coast of America to another, in three days, for $0.40. More to the point, the right is perfectly fine with socializing the costs of their screw-ups (wall street bailout) while conveniently forgetting that we have a ‘mixed economy’ and not pure capitalism. A great example of how socialism, and socialists, govern can be found in Wisconsin, particularly in Milwaukee. The socialists there practiced such competent governing that the people there came to expect that high level of honest government that, when some politicians strayed, it opened the door for the likes of Scott Walker to take power. Fore more, go here: http://goo.gl/eEOvPl

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